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The Cyprus travel guide is all you need to prepare for your perfect Mediterranean holiday.
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blankWhat is the rules for forigners to work in Cyprus

Cyprus is now a member of the European Union, and Citizens from other EU Countries can work in Cyprus without a working permit. What you need is an employment agreement with your employer and then to register with the Cyprus tax and social insurance office.

Non EU Citizens need’s to have a traditional working permit which has to be arranged before the employee arrives to Cyprus.

blankHow to find a job

First and the most easy way to find a seasonal job in Cyprus is to buy your 1-2 week charter ticket in April / May and just go around and look for one. In 90% of the cases you will find one. The reasons are that many people come here to look for a job and it’s much more easy for the employer to employ somebody that they can intrevju and see on spot, rather then just to haveing a letter.

If you by any chance don’t find a job. Or just find out that Ayia Napa is not for you, at least you had a 1-2 weeks nice holiday!

In some cases some jobs will be offered on this page. Mainly in the spring before the season starts.

Please do not send any job applications to ayianapa.nu. All we know about jobs in Cyprus is on this page!

blankWages and accommodation

The salary and accommodation varies a lot. At some places you get a higher salary but have to pay for your own accommodation. That can some times be very expensive, but mostly if you live many together the living cost’s is acceptable. Some Employers have their own apartments that they let for the staff , but then you have to expect a lower salary as well.

A salary without accommodation can be anything from CYP £300 and up depending on experience and if it’s your first Year in Cyprus etc. Many people here have a PR or sails related job. And then the salary is mostly on commission basis. Here you can make good money if you have the talent to sell.

Finally we want you to know that Cyprus (Ayia Napa) is a seasonal work place and in this short period of time 4 – 5 Month normally, the working conditions is very hard. Some times 12 hours 6 days a week. But at the same time you will never find a place and a job that is more fun and give you a experience for life.

Good luck!

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