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The Cyprus travel guide is all you need to prepare for your perfect Mediterranean holiday.
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15 Apr -11

Cyprus have the best beaches in Europe

Nissi Beach Europs best beach

Perhaps the biggest travel site Trip Advisor in Europe with the help of its visitors and members now reveled which destinations you should go to if you are looking for the best beaches.

Cyprus took first and third place after they counted up the thousands of votes for all beaches across Europe. with Nissi Beach Ayia Napa and Flamingo Beach Protaras , called Fig Tree Bay in travel catalogs.

So if you are looking to book your ticket relaxing at the best beache in Europe this summer. I guess we see you soon.

28 Apr -10

Have some fun at Waterpark Waterworld in Ayia Napa

12 Mar -09

Get updated

Here is a new page with many useful links which is Cyprus related not only for Ayia Napa, but so much more. Enjoy!

See you summer of 2009.

Cyprus related links >>

10 Apr -06


The last 2 days we had a problem with the program that sends out the email with the activation code, so you can become a Member.

This problem is now fixed, but you have to register again.

We are sorry for that smiley


Ps. Make sure that ayianapa.nu is a trusted email address in your webmail like, hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail and so on. So the email don't end up in the junk box. Ds.

02 Mar -06

Spring is here!

I am happy to announce that the Spring have arrived to Cyprus. On Monday the 6 of March we celebrate "Green Monday" which is the first day of fastening before Easter.

Also Green Monday is the true first official day of Spring here. Another sign that summer is coming is that every bar and restaurant owner in Ayia Napa can now be seen painting their shops for the summer.

Cyprus is getting ready for the 2006 invasion of Tourists that is looking to be the best in many Years. Cyprus is already getting fully booked. Did You secure your ticket?

See you soon!

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